Buffer and Hootsuite: Ending the Juggling Act of Promotion

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, websites, youtube… In our technology centered world, there are thousands of online resources for musicians and artists to use for marketing and promotion. Unfortunately, managing all of these helpful marketing and promotional tools can become quite the juggling act for independent artists. Is there an easier way for independent artists to juggle all of the components necessary to have a successful presence on the web?

With the help of a social media management system, artists can end the juggling act and focus on doing what they love to do, make music. Buffer and Hootsuite are two of the largest social media management systems and they provide artists with a way to link all of their social media for ease of posting across multiple platforms and the ability to set up a daily posting schedule for tweets and facebook updates.

Now on the surface, both of these sites seem to do the same thing… So the question is which one do you use? According to Music Industry How To, as a musician you should be using BOTH. While Buffer’s scheduling capabilities far out match Hootsuite’s, Hootsuite should be used for its exceptional interactive and notification purposes. By themselves, these sites both have strengths and weaknesses, but when they are used together they are the perfect tool for artists to manage all of their online promotional resources. Both of these services have free options, which would be great for an independent artist to start out with, but as they add more accounts they could consider upgrading to the $10 dollar monthly plan which includes some other very useful features.

Although social media management companies have existed as early as 2008, I think that many independent artists have not taken full advantage of these resources. I would never have thought that I would need to use both Buffer and Hootsuite together to get full social media management coverage. I will definitely be talking to my artist about adding these resources to her marketing plan.

As an independent artist myself, using websites like Hootsuit and Buffer, would definitely make my life a whole lot easier. And adding that extra $20 dollars a month for the upgraded service for both sites would save a lot of time and prevent many grey hairs. It may not seem like much, but just simplifying the act of posting to social media will greatly reduce the stress and time it takes for an independent artist to run a successful internet campaign.

For more information check out the links below!


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