Introducing: Kristen Bennett


One of the biggest hurdles independent artists will encounter in their journey to a successful career in the music business is learning how to market themselves to their target audience. Marketing is often tedious and time consuming, and when you are the one that runs every aspect of the show… marketing can be pushed to the back burner. This semester I am a part of Anderson University’s music marketing class. At the beginning of the semester, all of us were split up into groups and then we had a challenge set before us. We had to come up with a marketing plan for an independent artist in the area.  How can we help them succeed in their musical venture?

My group chose to contact pop/rock singer-songwriter, Kristen Bennett. On her website, her bio describes her music as having “a smooth relaxed vocal style” and that she “turns to her roots in jazz music” for inspiration in her writing. She currently has two EP’s, so we chose to market her second EP “Someone Else’s Eyes.”

I am incredibly excited to be working with Kristin. Not only does she have gorgeous naturally curly hair (Curly haired girls for the win!), but she also shares my love for fashion and for small coffeehouse venues. I believe these aspects can be a great addition to her marketing plan.


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