YouTube: An Independent Artist’s Secret Weapon


From cover tunes filmed in a bedroom to multi-million dollar music videos, it is obvious that YouTube has become a valuable tool for musicians of all kinds to market themselves. According to, “YouTube is one of the biggest, best, and most underused promotional tools for musicians.” In a 2014 article on their DIY musician website, CD Baby claims that “YouTube is more important than anything else in your career.” If these two comments don’t persuade you, Jac Holzman founder of Elektra & Atlantic Records commented on YouTube saying, “I have seen miracles happen coming out of YouTube. I think YouTube is the strongest place you can be.”

YouTube has been a platform used by musicians to market their music for years, but now the creators of YouTube have come up with a “How to Guide” for artists to learn how to get the most out of their YouTube channel. This new resource released earlier this year is called “YouTube for Artists.” In this “How To Guide” YouTube offers helpful tips on how to engage and involve your fans, advice on collaboration with other artists, and how to integrate your social media into your plan to promote your channel! They also include awesome online workshops like “YouTube Music Nashville.”


So how can independent artists use YouTube to market their career in the music industry? Well with a camera, a tripod, the internet, and a little creativity the possibilities are endless. There are multiple ways to engage your fans with your YouTube channel but here are 3 ways other than just posting music videos that artists are using on their YouTube channels.

  1. Vlog

Since fans want to have a personal relationship with their favorite artists more than ever before, doing a vlog can be just the outlet to fulfill that personal connection your fans want. Vlogs can offer fans a window into your daily life, and allow them to see that you are a normal person just like they are! You can include anything in the content from talking about what you had for breakfast, to behind the scenes footage in the studio working on your latest project. Fans just want to feel like they are seeing the real you.

  1. YouTube Series

This approach gives your fans something to look forward to every week. You could do something like Cover Tune Saturday where you upload a video of your version of a popular song on the market every Saturday. The trick is consistency, and if your miss a week make up for it. Record two cover songs the next week. You could even make YouTube Series interactive by adding a short clip to the end of each video asking fans to leave suggestions for future videos in the comment section and don’t forget to include a shout out to the fan who made the suggestion for each video.

  1. Q&A

Give your fans the opportunity to ask you all the questions they have burning in their minds. This is a perfect way to establish a relationship with your fan base. And this can go both ways, ask your fans a question and ask them to reply with their answers. Making connections plays a key role in an independent artist’s career. The more interaction the better!

There are countless other ways to market your music and your personal brand on YouTube. With a lot of patience and creativity, artists can put a new spin on their YouTube channel and that can help blaze a trail to success for any independent artists.


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