Apple Music- The results are in!

Well the results are in for Apple’s brand new music streaming service “Apple Music.” After being on the market for just four short months, Apple Music is the second largest paid for music streaming service in the music industry. Apple Music has 6.3 million paid subscribers, and it is rumored that their are 8.5 million people trying out the new streaming service through Apple’s three month free trial. Unfortunately, data also shows that around 40% of people left apple music after their initial trial expired, but on the bright side 60% of Apple’s subscribes are in the paid subscriber field. downloadWhile this is quite an impressive feat for a brand new streaming service, Apple still trails Spotify by quite a large margin. Spotify reports to have at least twenty million paid subscribers, and many experts believe that this number will continue to rise.

So which service is better?

According to, Spotify has a leg up on Apple music in most fields except for one. Apple music dominates Spotify when it comes to its radio feature. Apple music will be integrating Beats 1, a 24 hour live radio station as an option for its paid subscribers.

I guess only time will tell if Apple will become the next music streaming King.


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