Project Focus Group

For many independent artist’s, an important part of their marketing revolves around finding and reaching their target market. Who should I market my music to? What age range will my target market fall in?  Being able to recognize who your music is most marketable to, is vital to an artist’s growth and success. Although Kristin seemed to have a pretty good idea of who her audience was, it was necessary for my marketing team and I to be absolutely certain of what group of individuals her target market would encompass. Questions

Before we could begin to move forward with Kristin’s marketing plan, we knew we had to determine her target market. So who would be most likely to fall in love with Kristin Bennett? We began by setting young adults between the ages of 15-27 as a tentative market to reach, and we began making plans to test out Kristin’s music on this market.  After many emails and phone calls, we put together a focus group of 6 participants within the age range of our target audience. Throughout the meeting, we asked our test group questions regarding their tastes in music, how often they go to live shows put on by independent artists, do they buy merchandise, and we even asked them to fill out a survey to help us gather some more specific data. We then played samples of Kristin’s music for our participants and asked them to share their thoughts. The entire group wholeheartedly agreed that Kristin’s music was something they would listen to, and if she sounded as good live as she did on the recordings, they would most definitely purchase her CD after the show!

As we reviewed the data we collected from the focus group meeting, we could not have been happier with the results! Our small test sample of the target market that Kristin is trying to reach confirmed that this is the perfect audience for her music. Now that we have her target market nailed down, it’s time to start building a marketing plan that will hone in on Kristin’s market!


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