Sonicbids: Master of Disguise

For the independent artist, booking shows can be a struggle. The endless games of phone tag and the emails that seem to never reach their destination can become a constant form of frustration. All independent artists are on the same quest, to find ways to make booking the gig easier. Unfortunately there are some companies that attempt to take advantage of struggling artists by donning a disguise and posing as an indie artist’s booking One of the masters of this trickery is Sonicbids. I stumbled across Sonicbids when looking for marketing trends to cover and on the surface they seemed to be a great tool for independent artists who were searching for gigs. I decided to do a little more research just to make sure I understood what Sonicbids actually did for artists. As I searched for what other people had to say about this service, I began to realize that Sonicbids isn’t what it seems. Not only are you paying a monthly fee for your EPK through them, but you also have to pay a submission fee to send your EPK out for performance opportunities, festivals, and to promoters. These fees can be anywhere within the range of $2-$90!  With a website like this, one would expect the artist to be the product. The promoters come to the website to find talent right? Well according to Bruce Kaplan, writer for, Sonicbids actually makes the promoter the product and artists who use Sonicbids will most likely never recoup the investment they made when signing up.

I would highly advise independent artists to stay away from these types of sites. Personally, I think that Sonicbids is ripping off musicians and disguising it as a helpful resource. I would advise independent musicians to always research any service they are considering investing in. What may seem like an awesome investment, could really be a thief in disguise.

Here are some links to Soncbids website, as well as some other industry professional’s opinions on this service.


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