Boomerang: The Marketing Trend that Appeals to Even the Shortest Attention Spans

MarketininstagramIcon_400x400g music through social media has become one of the biggest trends in the music industry, but sometimes it is hard for independent artists to capture the ever shrinking attention span of the social media audience. Sometimes a photo just isn’t enough to spark interest with fans, but a 15 second Instagram video is too long. What is an Indie artist to do in this sticky situation? Instagram believes they have the solution, and released it to the public in the form of an easy to use app called Boomerang.

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Boomerang takes the new social media craze, the GIF, and puts it in a format that will definitely give your Instagram feed some pizzazz. This app allows users to create moving pictures  that play just like a GIF.

I will definitely suggest that my artist considers using this app as a marketing tool. It is something new, fresh, engaging, and some big names in the industry are already testing it’s promotional capabilities. Pharrell and 21 pilots are using Boomerang as a way to promote new music and their recent tours.


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