Video: 2015’s Most Valuable Marketing Tool

As a musician, I understand all too well how valuable video is to my career. According to, video may be just about the most valuable tool in any marketing strategy in 2015. As they put it, “internet consumers have a love affair with videos.”

We live in a age where we don’t even have enough patience to read a 140 character tweet. Text is becoming less and less popular with this generation. If musicians play their cards right, this could be a huge advantage to them. I’m not just talking about your standard music video… there are countless possibilities for musicians to use video in their marketing strategies.


Have some big news for your fans? Don’t type it in a status or in a tweet! Do a video announcement! Come up with fun creative ways to reveal your big news to your fans. This makes a much more personal connection, and fans will be more likely to watch a video all the way to the end then read a whole status. This seems to be a very popular technique with the big names like  superstar Taylor Swift and violinist Lindsay Sterling, but indie artist could easily apply this trend to their own marketing plan.

Mailing list:

Instead of sending a lengthy email to fans, try sending a video update in an email instead. Once again more engagement with fans will potentially produce better album and merch sales for you. This would be a simple technique to apply to an indie artist and would save a lot of time writing emails.

About Me Video on Your About Page:

One creative way to use video would be to add a video of you basically telling the story of your musical journey on your about page. For those who don’t want to take the time to read through your bio, their curiosity may bring them to click on the video. This idea would also be great to create a personal connection with fans. The music business relies heavily on personal connection with fans, and this would be one great way to accomplish this.

For other great tips on video marketing check out the rest of the article by!



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