Trend Alert: YouTube Music App

YouTube has a wealth of content. From “how to videos” to cover songs posted by the girl next door, you can find just about anything on YouTube. For music artists, it can be very hard to get your video to  rise to the top so other people can find it and rack up those coveted “views”. Well YouTube is making it even easier for music lovers to find new music through their new app exclusively for  music!

This is going to be a great thing for independent music artists. YouTube is still one of the #1 ways that people find new music so narrowing down a users search results will be huge in helping smaller artists gain exposure. YouTube also has said that they want to help the artist community and through this app not only are they hoping to gain smaller artists more exposure, but they are also going to help them gain a little cash as well.

Artists on YouTube will receive cuts of advertisements as well as small cuts from subscriptions to YouTube’s new subscription service “YouTube Red”

With so many changes coming to their business plan, YouTube could become a huge part of the music industry! Independent Artists need to be proactive and start adding more content to their channels and keep that content consistent! The more content you have, the more fans you could potentially reach.


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