Publicity: Not just for the Big Events in Your Career

Publicity is a vital part in an Independent Artist’s career. When an artist is getting ready to drop a new album or release their tour dates, their efforts in seeking publicity sky rocket. But contrary to popular belief, an artist should seek publicity for the smaller events in their career as well!

According to CD Baby’s website for independent artists, there are many other times when you can seek publicity. Here are the few ways CD Baby and a few of my own ideas on when you can seek publicity.

When You Start a Recording Project:

Why wait till the end of the recording process to start generating hype for your new music? Get people talking at the beginning! Start building suspense at the beginning to give you even more momentum once you cross the finish line. Give bloggers and online music magazines

When You Release a New Video:

Get the word out in the press about a new video release! This would be a great way to create buzz for your band and rack up the views.

When you are Playing at a Big Venue:

You are playing at one of the hottest spots in your region. Get the word to the blogs the newspapers and let your fans save the date so they can be there!

When a big Change Happens for the Band  or for a Band Member:

Is a band member getting married? Did a band member just have a kid? Is the band relocating to a different state for a couple months? Is the band adding a new member? Any major changes for a band would be a great opportunity to use any publicity you can get.

Publicity is important for the big and the small events in your music career! And if you and if you use publicity properly your band could find success faster than you could ever expect!


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