The Paid Advertising Craze: How an Indie Artist Should use Advertising

So you are an indie artist, and you now have enough of a budget to start advertising! Paid advertising is a huge fad for indie musicians due to advertising becoming easier to secure. There are many ways to advertise your music and band, but are they all excellent avenues for indie artists to take? Unlike publicity, not all advertising is good advertising. According to, there are a few types of advertising that indie artists should stay away from at the beginning of their careers.

Magazine Ads:

Contrary to popular belief, Magazine ads will probably not be helpful to an indie artist. Most people reading a magazine will skip to the big important content in that particular issue. Unfortunately this means the reader will just brush past all the ads on their way to the important content. These ads are really more for the people in the big leagues.

Radio Ads:

Once again, this type of ad is more for the stars in the music industry. For indie artist, getting your ad on a mainstream radio station is just as hard to do as it is expensive to do. Although this type of ad is a little better than a magazine ad, a one time expensive radio ad is not the way to go.


Enough about what indie artist should not do. Here is the main type of paid advertising suggests indie  artist invest in.

Facebook Ads:

Whether it be pushing posts or running sidebar ads, facebook ads are an excellent source of advertising for indie artists. Facebook can target specific demographics, so for an artist it will be easier to connect with potential fans. Not to mention, facebook ads are much cheaper than many other traditional forms of advertising.

Here are a few other online advertising that are great for indie artists.

~Search Engine Ads

~Pre Roll ads

~Sponsored Stories

If you want more information about advertising, check out the rest of these aritcles.


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